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Ministries to Catholics

Alpha and Omega Ministries James White
Berean Beacon Ministries Richard Bennett
Proclaiming the Gospel Mike Gendron
Christian Resources William Webster
Roman Catholicism Archive
Gospel Outreach for Catholics
Got Questions (on Catholicism)
A Christian Witness to Roman Catholics Rob Zins
Reaching Catholics for Christ
One-fold Brian Culliton
What Every Catholic Should Know Greg Bentley
Christian Answers
CARM Christian Apologetics & Research
Answering Catholic Claims Russell Thibodeaux
Vatican Files Leonardo De Chirico


Christian Resources

Bible Online
Cross Walk Bible Study Tools
Search God's Word
The Apocrypha
Got Questions
Mountain Retreat
Gospel Outreach
Grace Online Library
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Reformed Reader
Christian Classics Library
Church Fathers
Evangelical Tracts
History of Christianity Philip Schaff
Desiring God John Piper
Grace to You John MacArthur
Redeeming Grace Ministries Stanford E. Murrell
21st Century Puritanism Mitch Cervinka
The Gospel Coalition
Glory to God Publications



Sincere thanks to all individuals and churches that support Just for Catholics.

Trinity Evangelical Church - my home church, Malta
Word of Life Pentecostal Holiness Church Malta
Gozo Jesus Centre Malta
Crick Baptist Church UK
Heritage Baptist Church TX USA
Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America
Reformed Baptist Outpost Australia
A Christian Perspective on M.E. Hazel Stapleton
Way to God - Truth for Seekers Jim Elliff
The Shepherd's Voice Art Renz
Living Word Bible Church UK
Source de Vie
Trinity Baptist Church Ontario, Canada
Wilton Community Church London, UK
Christ Notes - Bible translations & commentaries
Miles McKee Ministries
Beggars All: Reformation and Apologetics
Gospel Light Ministries
New Light
No Compromise Radio
Bible Based Ministries Shaun Willcock


NOTHING IN MY HANDS I BRING -- Understanding the differences between Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs -- Ray Galea

TWO MEN FROM MALTA -- Passionate appeal to Roman Catholcs -- Joe Serge

TEST ALL THINGS -- An invitation to examine your Catholic faith in the light of Scripture -- Joseph Mizzi

Evangelical books
by former Catholics
from Malta

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